Grade 7 freebies coming at ya!

24 August 2014

With most home schools well on their way I figured I need to seriously catch up...I still have 8-12th to do. You all know how this works so let me explain for people just finding my blog.  I check these link out and know they work without viruses since I scan em all...Love ya my big K virus program! < this is a religious site but the materials you might need aren't all that way. < complete math program for 7th grade. < glenco website with workbooks for 6-8th grade and more. < Milliken beginning algebra grades 6-8th < Math Mammoth 7b worksheets < Glenco Spelling Power < Writers choice Spelling and vocabulary < Vocabulary < glenco language arts. On the left side of the word you will see a box, click it and you will see what grades are available as well as a teacher's edition. < many key notes in our nations history.

Now if you do some google searching you'll find more stuff out there. Just a friendly reminder: You can print only the amount of copies you need (based off your kiddos and +/- if ya need answer key) but DO NOT print off the textbooks. The textbook being printed off is copyright infringement.  You can use the online textbooks.


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