Grade 8 coming at ya fast...freebies

24 August 2014

OMGOSH look at the time our kiddos have left till the big HIGH SCHOOL starts. This is a time when most kiddos decide to go back into public school sector or stay home schooling.  8th grade is a huge deal! Most kiddos are still trying to find themselves, not quite teenagers but almost there. Lots of mixed emotions and find themselves.

So to help all you parents out with the homeschool score I will present you with the links that have been tested and checked. Please refrain from printing the textbooks out that's copy right infringement and only print out what you need of the works books. Most do have answer keys if not you can print them out to create and answer key. Thanks! < 8th grade worksheets that are my fave PDF. < full curriculum. < Algebra Readiness (complete set: text, workbooks, on-line calculator, worksheets) < workbooks < complete 8th grade math < 8th grade vocabulary power < 8th grade spelling power < Grammar and language < Daily Language review evan moor < Language arts programs. Click to expand to find the right grade. < language handbook


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