Clutter, clutter everywhere and now it needs to go!

28 September 2014
                                            The picture will take you to the challenge!

Yup challenges are great especially if it's to get rid of clutter and trust me we have it in spades here at the ole Adams cabin. With 6.5 years of dealing with the military and 9 years of marriage it's time to go through and clean house literary. 

Books I have gotten from here and there, old toys no longer loved/ played with, boxes still in the garage not even being combed through. I have signed up for this challenge starting Oct. 1st as well as the squat challenge and even printed a monthly cleaning list to help me out.

I'm kinda tired of being a rut with everything. Well next month is the best time to start. So here we go! What are you tired of? Heck better yet what are you wanting to get rid of???

Join the challenge and see how much stuff you really don't need! Plus if you sign up now you will a get a free ebook how cool is that?

So far our adventures in homeschooling

20 September 2014

And it's the truth!

We started our homeschool adventure Sept. 3rd of this year and so far it's been busy! We had our first co-op play date on the 2nd at leaping lizards and to be honest a bunch kids running around jumping like crazy on bouncy house type of equipment and lazer tag too, no school work would be done that day!

So far the things i have heard (apparently it's normal) is at my old school. My son's old was PS or Public School. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with Public School but with our son's situation he needed to be homeschooled.

He told me everyday in the first week that he was timed in writing. Hubby and me had to talk to him about what he meant by him being timed. Come to find out had X amount of time to work on an assignment before being rushed into the next. He's so happy that he gets to take his time with his assignments. He also let me know (I'm the main educator) his typing class was timed, and it seemed everything was timed. This timing thing was/is the cause of his sloppy handwriting.

Since homeschooling (yup that right we are into week 4 come this Monday!) he is able to have the time he needs, he's improved in his spelling tests (90%-100% every time), handwriting is soooo much neater than ever before, reads a bit more with prompting and best of all tells me every day how happy he is that we school him.

Since home schooling we have been to Gasparilla Beach in Boca Grande and swam within reach of a live sea manatee...can't say you did that in PS. We had our first coastal class with Mr. Keith from the Sarasota county 4H club teach the kiddos about inverts. 

Baby female Horseshoe crab & shrimp

Sea Slug

Many coastal inverts

Octopus (Octopi is the plural form ;) )

Lots of sharing, giggling and hands on fun for the kids. Next month it's plankton with Mr. Keith.

My son also is so happy that he many new friends that like him are homeschooled. He loves the projects that we are doing for history with Story of The World & absolutely loves daily grammar ( He can tell me about helping/linking verbs and more he couldn't do that in PS. Our house runs smoother and he learns so much better. I'm just glad that I can do this with him.

I can't wait to see what other adventures we have, even though our co-op rocks with lots of fun things for us to do. I am so lucky I found this great group of homeschooling parents to rock with in educating my son.