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1:29 PM Rachel Adams 1 Comments

How I have been for 10 years. 

Where to begin with this. I know...if you are in a domestic situation GET OUT! Save yourself and your kids. I can't tell you how bad it's been and the damage that is still going on but I know in the end I will come out broken but stronger than I have ever been before.

I'm having to redo EVERYTHING for my household binder. Why you ask well read the statement above. Yeah, I moved from the standard binder to a 5.5 X 8.5 binder. I can take this baby with me everywhere.

I had to create new sections to suite my son and I. I am still working on building it. I know like everything else it takes time. Some of the sections got left out and most stayed.

I am loading up the links to the pages that I have visited the most. There are tutorials that show you how to print double sided for half page planners.

So let the links begin!


Tutorials on Youtube for printing A5/ half page planner